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You wouldn’t drive your car and never change the oil or do other preventive maintenance. You wouldn't neglect your body by not attending to personal hygiene or monitoring your physical health.

You owe your soul the same respect and care. After all, your car will die some day, and so will your body, but your spirit lives on, carrying with it all you have experienced, including unhealed wounds to your soul.

Your highest calling is to love and care for yourself! Who else will do it?


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Once you have discussed your needs with us and the fee that applies, payment can be made by giving us a credit card number over the phone, or mailing a check or money order made out to Karl Mollison.


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Payment online is through PayPal--just click on the drop-down menus at the right to see our fees and select desired services to pay on-line.

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Then e-mail the tracking number and amount of the payment to karlmollison@yahoo.com.

PayPal and Moneygram are especially convenient for our international clients.

It is your responsibility to write or e-mail us with information about the name and city of residence of the people or animals you wish us to help, and what services are needed. We are happy to discuss your situation by phone or e-mail.

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Services and Fees:

Remote Spirit Releasement

Includes Spirit Depossession, Past Life Karmic Repair, Soul Retrieval, Removal of Psychic Attacks (ancestral curses, spells, hexes, etc.) and Energetic Repair, Divine Healing, and Installation of Personal Protection Tools.

Check the drop-down menu below to see our group discounts for couples and families.

Remote Spirit Releasement


We recommend you have a Soul Whisperer do rechecks at least annually once you have had a Spirit Releasement session. You may have picked up new attachments or had karmic influences emerge because of new events in your life. It's good preventive maintenance for the soul, and with the 50% discount, an outstanding value.

Repeat Customer Remote Spirit Releasement Recheck


Soul Whisperers can do Remote Spirit Releasement for your pets. They are vulnerable, and sometimes take on negative energies in the environment as a way of protecting their humans. Not only can they have spirit attachments, they can suffer from negative karmic influences just like people. We clear and repair them and invoke divine healing the same as we do for human clients.
Pet Animal Remote Spirit Releasement

Pet Recheck

We will do a repeat Remote Spirit Releasement on the same pet animals at your request at a discounted rate.
Pet Animal Recheck

Rescue Spirit of Departed Loved One

A Soul Whisperer can seek out directly and rescue any departed loved ones who never made it to the Light. If you had a troubled family member who died, or who died tragically, we can find out if they're safe, and if not, help them to the Light.
Lost Soul Rescue

Channeling Your Higher Self

We can channel your Higher Self so you can get feedback about healing and improving your life. As with any being in the divine realm, you must ask for help, even from the Higher Self. We can send you a list of suggested requests you can make and a description of why they are important and how they can help. Email inquiries to: karlmollison@yahoo.com

Ghost Removal from Locations

A Soul Whisperer can also clear haunted houses and other physical locations of unwanted spirits, such as ghosts. This can also be done remotely, anywhere on the planet. Haunted places become safe again, and the ghosts or other spirits get to go to the Light where they can recover instead of wandering about lost and in torment, bothering the living. We reserve the right to raise the fee for large facilities which may have large numbers of spirits.
Ghost Removal From Location

 Location Rechecks

Once we have cleared a location, rechecks can be requested at a discount. We still apply our entire protocol, to ensure that all new issues are detected and dealt with. Select the number of target locations you need cleansed from the drop-down menu below.
Location Rechecks


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Special Circumstances

Don't hesitate to call or e-mail us if you are unsure about whether these services apply to your situation. We do additional things not described here.

We also do not turn people away for financial reasons. If you are unable to pay our full fee, please discuss your circumstances with us: 847-577-3750.

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