Soul Whisperers™ do Remote Spirit Releasement worldwide working with the divine realm, do depossessions to remove spirit attachments gently without exorcism, remove psychic attacks and curses, repair past-life karma undermining physical and emotional health, do distant healing and Soul Retrieval, get rid of ghosts, and rescue spirits of departed loved ones. We do spirit removal from babies, children, adults, and pets, repair their karma and request divine healing. 

Helping Worldwide

We've brought Remote Spirit Releasement and healing for many clients and done spirit removal and healing to clear properties all across the United States, Canada,
Mexico, Caribbean, Central and South America, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia.
We can intuitively scan and repair the body, mind, and spirit of any person, place, or animal, anywhere on the planet. Language and distance are no barriers. We have helped all ages from babies in the womb to 95-year-old seasoned citizens. We can get earthbound spirits of loved ones to the light if they need rescuing.

Common Spirit Problems

Did you know that 9 out of 10 people have spirits attached to them? No one is immune. Even very spiritual people are attractive to ghosts and earthbound spirits who are lost and confused.

You may even have a departed loved one who remained earthbound and is not progressing. About a third of people who pass do not fully transition to the light and remain in limbo. We rescue earthbound spirits to get them safely to the light where they belong. 

There are many troubled spirits looking for a safe haven. And there are dark spirits looking to cause harm. More people are haunted than houses. Although most people are unaware they have a spirit possession, it can drain your energy, cause school failure, undermine relationships and wreck careers. 

Effects of spirit attachment can range from fatigue, anxiety, fear, impulsive behavior or depression all the way to alcohol and drug abuse, cutting, suicidal thoughts, hearing voices, or physical violence.

Mental illness is often a spirit attachment problem. Attached spirits can also undermine physical health.

Imagine the value of correcting such problems in a single session at a reasonable fee!

Ever feel a ghostly presence around you or feel your house is haunted? No need to worry about evil spirits or being demon possessed. There's an easy fix. Why hire a paranormal investigator to just probe it when you can have us remove the spirits and get them to the light?

If you've wondered where to find an exorcist, Soul Whisperers can get rid of spirits more easily and safely than exorcisms and other harsh demonic depossession techniques. Exorcisms are fear-based and traumatic.

Remote Spirit Releasement is stress-free! It's done from a distance without the client's involvement. It's the perfect gift for loved ones, including children.

Because it may be the answer, and a single session can make a difference, it should be the first thing to try for struggling people. It has the potential to prevent years of torment and a ruined life, while saving thousands of dollars in costly treatments that get nowhere. See our testimonials describing serious conditions like addictions simply stopping.

    Top 10 Signs You Have      Spirit Attachments
  • Low energy level
  • Anxiety or Depression
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Character shifts or mood swings
  • Abuse of drugs or alcohol
  • Inner voice(s) speaking to you
  • Impulsive behavior
  • Memory problems
  • Poor concentration
  • Physical problems with no obvious cause

Meet the Soul Whisperer

Hi, I'm Karl Mollison, founder of Soul Whisperers and Team Archangel. I am a psychic medium and channeler, research scientist, and inventor. I am Board Certified as a Consulting Hypnotist by the National Guild of Hypnotists and have training and certifications in multiple alternative healing modalities. See more at About Us.

We offer special discounts for couples and family groups!

   Lightworker Healing Protocol    for Spirit Removal and Rescue, Karmic Repair, and Distance Healing

Our comprehensive protocol brings healing for people, animals, spirits and locations.

1. Spirit Removal: Soul Whisperers™ scan clients intuitively wherever they are, using a comprehensive healing protocol. They detect and remove any attached or attacking spirits remotely, aided by the divine realm. Distance doesn't matter, we work on people around the globe. As a client, you don't need to be present or on the phone, just go about your routine. The work is done below conscious awareness, leaving inner peace and harmony because we simply remove negativity.

 2. Past Life Karmic Repair Included: The karma of past-life trauma is the main reason family members don’t get along and a common source of emotional problems with no obvious cause. The archangels tell us that over 90% of physical illness is due to karma, and 78% of it is from past-life events. Karmic repair is the surest way to heal. During the process, we're shown scenes of trauma from the past life so we can give our clients insight about what was troubling them subconsciously and why.

We do a series of scans to detect and remove negative thought-forms, negative energetic cords to people, places, and things you have encountered in your life,
past-life contracts, vows, oaths, promises, agreements, and the negative energy of traumatic past life events that has carried forward into your current life.

3. Psychic Attack Removal Included: In every session, we scan for all psychic attacks, curses, spells, hexes, etc., that may still be in force and undermining you energetically. We frequently encounter and remove ancestral curses still active in our clients as well as energies from people in their current life wishing them harm. Yes, this cleanup even includes alien implants, which we find from time to time, as well as extra-galactic and inter-dimensional intrusions.

4. Soul Retrieval Included: In every session, we scan for and return missing and extra soul fragments to repair the damage from past emotional and spiritual trauma, along with fixing broken souls, which are quite common.

We not only see the problems present as we scan, we access the Akashic Records to determine the past life circumstances causing them and do a repair. So, in effect we not only do a psychic reading, we fix what we find!

5. Divine Healing Included: In every session we ask the archangels and Creator to do whatever physical healing, emotional healing, and spiritual healing they can offer after negotiating with the client's Higher Self for permission. This includes vibrational energy alignment, grounding, opening the chakras, and healing. If you let us know of a specific health concern, we can target that by requesting extra attention.

6. Protection Tools Included: Finally, Soul Whisperers™ arrange with the archangels to provide you with powerful personal protection tools to prevent future spirit attachments and instruct you in how to keep safe going forward.

Don't Forget the Rest of the Family!

We routinely see our clients are back in life with people they've had problems with in past lives. These karmic influences cause tension and strife within families, self-limiting behaviors that interfere with school, work, and relationships, and can even manifest physical illness.

You can gift our services to benefit loved ones—even do your whole family at a discount. It is always done in alignment with their Highest Good. We always “knock before entering” by having the archangels ask permission of the client’s Higher Self.
This makes our work ethical even without obtaining conscious permission of the client, just as you can pray for someone without asking them first.

Is someone in your family struggling? We have been hired by concerned family members to help babies in the womb, over-sensitive children, kids with behavior or school performance issues, troubled teens and adults who are unhappy, have troubled relationships, are
hospitalized, or abusing alcohol and drugs, and even elderly people in hospice care. The work is gentle and safe, and done below the level of the client's conscious awareness.

People frequently hire us to clear themselves and their spouse but mistakenly assume their children are too young to have real problems yet. The truth is they come in with a huge destructive karmic load. It may take years to wear them down, but it starts right from birth. Prevent life-long problems by acting now.
Other Important Soul Whisperer Services Using Our Lightworker Healing Protocol

Helping Loved Ones Cross Over: 

About one third of people are at risk of becoming lost souls, failing to make it to the light when they die and become earth-bound instead. While this includes people who die following a tragic illness or from suicide, many people who are non-believers, die unexpectedly, or are just unhappy, become lost souls because of their low vibration. Your loved ones who passed may be in limbo--struggling, confused, and miserable. We have a healing protocol to rescue such spirits and get them to the light. This is the greatest gift you can give the departed.

Channeling Your Higher Self: 
Your Higher Self is your onboard healer and guidance. It is not only the seat of conscience but governs the flow of life force energy. As a member of the divine realm, it can only do basic maintenance unless more is requested. You can empower your Higher Self to do more on your behalf, for healing, help, guidance and protection. We will send you a recommended list of useful requests. Through our channeling, you can talk to your Higher Self directly and get feedback on how to make your life better.

Clearing Haunted Houses: 

Many homes and other locations are haunted places. Paranormal explorations of haunted houses and ghost hunting can pinpoint the problem but not solve it. 

Most ghosts are just confused lost souls needing rescue. But some spirits wish to cause harm and can be terrifying or destructive. Soul Whisperers™ can detect all haunting spirits remotely and remove them permanently. We also remove curses and other negative karma from the property.

Pet Remote Spirit Releasement: 

Animals around people frequently have spirit attachments as well as past-life karmic issues. The Soul Whisperers™ can detect and clear negative influences on your companion animals. 

This promotes their happiness and can correct bad behavior. We've done dogs, cats, racehorses, killer whales in captivity, etc.

Soul Whisperers of Team Archangel Fix What We Find!

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Remote Spirit Releasement
Rescue Departed Loved Ones
Clearing Properties of Spirits

Meet Team Archangel:

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, as well as other faiths, recognize the existence of archangels. These are angels of high rank, and supervise the spirit guides and guardian angels assigned to us as we enter life. They are spiritual, not religious, beings of love. Described below are the five archangels we work with routinely, among others.

Archangel Michael

He is known as the warrior archangel most responsible for fighting evil. We call on him for protection and to net unwanted spirits and restrain them until we can negotiate successfully their agreement to go to the Light. 

Archangel Raphael

This archangel is known as a superb healer tasked with supporting well-being, both through improving health and by guiding spiritual journeys. We call on him to support the safe passage of spirits to the Light, and especially to bring healing repair to our clients.

Archangel Azrael

He is known as the angel of death and is tasked with helping people make their transition at the time of their physical passing. We call on Azrael when we wish to help a client by finding and rescuing the spirit of a deceased person, such as a loved one who may be lost, and when clearing ghosts and spirits from homes and other locations. He also helps us do Spirit Releasement for animals.

Archangel Gabriel

He is considered a messenger to help communication between humans and higher realms. We call on him to help us channel attached spirits, and to receive intuitive information about karmic work that needs to be done to benefit our clients.

Like the Angel Art?

All the angel portraits on this site are copyrighted by artist Janet Searfoss.

These and many more lovely art works can be purchased at her website: www.SearfossBatiks.com.

The Archangels Speak:

We can channel archangels (as we do earthbound spirits) a process where the archangel takes over the body and speaks through our vocal cords. This helps us get special support and guidance for our work. This provides an independent way to directly ask the archangels about our work. So, here is some independent feedback and important information directly from the archangels.
Q: How successful is our Spirit Releasement work--when I see the spirits going to the Light is that really what happens?

A: You are not being fooled. You are correct in your knowing that they are going to the Light. Your Guides are the ones that deliver this confirmation of information to you and you have not been wrong. You have been very successful in this endeavor.

Q: How many people living here in the physical have a spirit attachment?
A: Spirit attachments are quite common, especially for those people who are not awake per se, and even those who are awake may get such entities occasionally.
And so, the Lighter one is and the higher their vibration they tend to be a magnet for the darker entities. Worldwide, 88% of people have some sort of spirit attachments.

Q: How many earthbound Lost Souls are there altogether?
A: Approximately 30 to 40% of all souls in the
earth plane are Lost Souls, whether they have left their physical bodies or are still incarnate. It is the same vibration whether they are incarnate and lost or whether they are not incarnate and lost.      

Q: Why don’t angels help all the Lost Souls who are earthbound go to the Light?
A: Indeed. It is not that we do not try or are not available but it is the person’s vibration or their ability to tap in. Everybody has free will on the earth. Free will can never be meddled with. And so, if they are not asking and their vibration does not allow us in, or if their Higher Soul or Higher Self does not allow us in, or allow the help, or allow the Light, it cannot be gifted...

Q: What is the agenda of the spirit meddlers?
There are no demons; this you understand? There is no devil, and the energetics that you encounter are beings that are very disconnected. That is why they may feel demonic, but they are not indeed demons. The only agenda that those souls or spirits may have is that they are not wanting other souls or spirits or beings or people to reach the optimal Light and Love that we all are. And so it is no different than even in the human world where someone may try to get in the way of your success thinking that it will hurt them in some way.

Q: Why are spirit meddlers afraid of us reaching Love and Light--what would it do to them?
A: Light always, always, always, outweighs the Dark. And so, if everybody were to reach their Light potential the meddlers would cease to be. For Light always, always, always, conquers the Dark. Every time. All the time. When you call on the angels you do not have to wonder who will win in this encounter. Light is that powerful.

Q: Do spirit meddlers influence human events like engaging in warfare or contributing to violence?
A: Indeed. If the human is tapped into them and that is what feels real and a vibrational match, it is for sure their influence will play into the physical world. The humans allow that to happen. The meddlers cannot force anything on to anyone.

Q: Do spirit meddlers influence human political activities?
A: Indeed.

Q: Do spirit attachments undermine physical health?
A: Indeed. Everything is energy and physical ailments are always caused by an energetic imbalance of some sort. And so, this can be caused by entities or some other factors in one’s energetic field for it is never just a physical thing for it is always something in the energy world. This can include the entities but also not, as well.

Q: Can a spirit attachment ever be a positive influence on a living person?
A: No, it is not. For even if it is a lighter being it still inhibits the soul itself from expressing itself and being itself. It is almost like a cord so to speak. And so these may feel nice for some people, but it ultimately drains them of their own power and their own creativity and their own individuality.

Q. Do animals have spirit attachments and if so, can we remove them in the same way we do for people?
A. Animals typically only have spirit attachments when they are in contact with humans. In the wilderness it is very rare for wild animals to have spirit attachments. This is something that is quite common with companion animals. And so you can remove the spirits in the same way you would go about it for humans.

The Soul Whisperers of Team Archangel Fix What We Find!

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